Our idea and vision

Since the beginning of humanity, communication has been key to achieving the most important leaps in evolution, even leading us to explore outer space. Right now we are experiencing the beginning of a new way of communicating. CIB + XR glasses will connect the world in a way never before seen, welcome to the great changes that will have what is known today as the Internet. Go explore the world with our XR glasses - Extended Reality

CIB - short for "Can I Buy" is a revolutionary new possibility that soon will be launched.

The digital world comes to life with CIB + XR Glasses that are designed to make digital experiences feel As in real life. ​ You can create your own avatar using holographic technology with which you can dive with sharks, go to the supermarket to buy that ingredient you were missing, and even explore skydiving and everything from the comfort of your living room. A world without limits where you can go anywhere, participate in any activity, go shopping anywhere in the world. ​ Just imagine the possibilities! ​ CIB or "Can I Buy" is the project that gives us the possibility of make it happen. The best part is that the CIB + XR Goggles are created to let the user use the Internet without the constant annoying advertisements, without the need for cookies, collection of personal data about your identity or position geographical and all this for free. ​ We have already started the production process of The Glasses CIB + XR that not only changed our experience as Internet users and it will change the world as we know it forever, and soon, they can be yours.


CIB + XR Glasses are much more than a device to connect to the Internet, they are the next step in a new device technology that include a smartphone in the XR glasses, you can use your mobile applications as usual, take beautiful photos with just the blink of an eye literally, as the glasses are equipped with camera lens outside and inside, which will allow you to use visual commands. When we say revolutionary technology and that this project will change the world,

we mean it. If you go shopping, your avatar will be able to touch the items on the store, visit that friend who lives far away and you have not been able to see in a long time, climb that mountain, attend that festival, learn different languages ​​listening to native speakers, the experience you will live is the most real that technology can offer us and all without even have to get out of bed.


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